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Top 8 Benefits of Dental Implants

If you are considering getting dental implants to replace missing natural teeth, you’re probably wondering how you can benefit. Today, we’re breaking down the top 8 benefits of dental implants.

1. Smile With Confidence

Anyone who has struggled with the appearance of their smile can tell you that a lack of confidence can have quite a negative impact on social situations.

Whether it be a wedding, birthday party, job interview, work event, or simply just spending time with friends, feeling self-conscious about gaps in your smile can be a stressful and negative experience.

Dental implants replace the missing tooth (or teeth), designed to match the rest of the natural teeth in the mouth to provide a natural and seamless appearance. Choosing to restore your smile with dental implants means that you can take advantage of a beautiful and healthy smile that you can feel fully confident in.

2. Eat Your Favorite Foods

Some dental restorations require patients to avoid sticky, hard, or chewy foods for fear of dislodging or causing damage to the restoration itself. This is not the case with dental implants. Because they are placed directly into the jaw, dental implants are able to function just as naturally as they look.

You can rest assured that you can use your implants just as you would your natural teeth to eat your favorite snacks and foods. In fact, many patients report that they completely forget that they have implants!

Of course, just as you would with your natural teeth, you will need to take caution with the foods that you eat; sometimes, it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Proper oral care will also ensure that your dental implant is able to maintain its health, longevity, and durability.

3. Improved Speech

Missing teeth can make it difficult to properly pronounciate certain words. In social situations, you may become increasingly aware of this and become self-conscious about your speech capabilities.

Thankfully, the placement of dental implants ensures that you are able to properly and naturally pronounce words and sounds just as you would with your natural teeth.

4. Bone Loss Prevention

Below the gums lies your jaw bone, which is responsible for holding the teeth firmly in place. Once a tooth is lost from the mouth, the bone structure that once surrounded the tooth begins to recede, since it no longer has anything to hold in place.

Over time, dental bone recession can lead to the loosening -and eventual loss- of the other teeth in the mouth.

When it comes to dental bone loss, the term “use it or lose it” is quite relevant. The placement of an implant ensures that the bone has something to hold in place, protecting you from bone recession.

5. No Special Care Needed

Despite common misconceptions, no special care is needed to ensure the health and longevity of your dental implants.

Proper care for dental implants is simple and does not differ from caring for the rest of the natural teeth in your mouth. Simply be sure to brush twice daily for two minutes, and use floss to dislodge any food debris or plaque that occurs between the teeth.

As always, ensure that you are attending your dental check-up and cleaning appointments. During these appointments, your dentist and dental hygienist will ensure that your teeth are free of harmful plaque or tartar. They will also check the health of your teeth to ensure that no damage or decay goes undetected.

6. A Lifetime of Confidence

Other methods of tooth replacement – such as dental bridges – typically need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years. Over time, this can become frustrating for the patient, costing precious time and money.

Thankfully, successful dental implant placement can often guarantee a lifetime of use for the patient. Dental implants are made of clinical-grade titanium to ensure strength and durability, and over time, they become fused with the jaw bone to ensure longevity.

With proper oral care and ensuring to attend your check-up and cleaning appointments, you can ensure that your dental implants will remain healthy and strong for decades to come.

7. Prevent Premature Aging

As previously discussed, when teeth are lost from their natural positions inside the mouth, the bone that once held the teeth in place begins to recede.

Over time, bone recession can lead to a concave outward appearance. Many patients experience “sagging” or aged appearance in the face. In turn, this can lead to the patient appearing to be much older than they truly are. For many people, this can be extremely embarrassing and detrimental to their self-esteem as a whole.

Thankfully, placing a dental implant inside the jaw bone helps retain bone levels, preventing premature aging and maintaining a youthful appearance.

8. Gum Disease Prevention

Gum disease (also known as periodontitis or periodontal disease) occurs when a bacterial infection forms in the gum tissues.

Gum disease can be quite uncomfortable for the patient and can lead to loose teeth and eventual tooth loss.

When a natural tooth is lost, it leaves a gap in the smile line. Over time, this gap can become a “trap” for food debris and bacteria, placing the patient at an increased risk for gum disease.

Placing a dental implant inside the mouth ensures that food debris and bacteria are not able to become trapped, providing the patient with additional protection against the development of gum disease.

Benefits of dental implants

Dental Implants in South Gate, CA

Dental implants are widely regarded as one of the best ways to replace missing teeth and restore the function and looks of the smile. With the information you have learned here, you should have a thorough understanding of how you can benefit from this type of treatment.

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