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Great News for California Residents! A new law has expanded emergency Medi-Cal coverage to include full dental care. Before, Emergency Medi-Cal only covered basic treatments like exams, x-rays, and extractions. Now, it covers a wide range of treatments, including fillings and root canals, ensuring you get the comprehensive dental care you need.
At Reza Dental Care, we’re excited about this update. It means we can provide all the treatments you need to keep your smile healthy and bright. Your well-being is our priority, and with this extended coverage, we’re here to ensure nothing gets in the way of a healthy, beautiful smile.

Tenemos una gran noticia para todas las personas con Medical de Emergencia.El estado de California les da la bienvenida con la covertura total para el beneficio dental,ahorra podras usar estos beneficio te podra cubrir tu examen y otros por ejemplo, rellenos tratamiento de nervio, limpieza y muchas otras cosas mas.Nuestra oficina Reza Dental Care esta muy contenta con esta esta noticia para poder ayudar a nuestra Comunidad y poder lograr que tengan una sonrisa Sana y Hermosa

Your South Gate Medi-Cal Emergency Dental Care

You can’t always control when you need emergency dental care. You may be sent into a panic, wondering who you can turn to. With our urgent care, you’ll never have to worry again. You can call our South Gate, CA office for your dental emergency needs. Our friendly can caring staff are also available for anything from biannual checkup to dental implants. Contact us online or give us a call today to learn how we can assist you on your journey to a healthier smile.

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